eBay is your best bet for summer adventures in Australia


The following article was produced in partnership with eBay

Summer is fast approaching and, for the few weeks of stereotypical Aussie weather we expect this year, getting the family in the car or on the boat and exploring the vast Australian landscape is something that should be high on the list for all Australians. .

But, if you don’t have a converted pickup truck or huge SUV, you can always spec your car ready for exploration with a full range of parts and accessories, all of which can be found on eBay, the Australia’s leading online marketplace. .

eBay has long been the only place to find the best and most comprehensive range of car and boat parts and accessories and this summer the selection of products on offer is better than ever.

Whether you are looking for fresh oil or spare parts; a bull bar or improved lighting solutions to allow you to travel through the night; from roof racks and roof boxes to increase your cargo space, or even a dash cam (you can’t always trust everyone on the road), eBay has it all. eBay’s “My Garage” feature helps filter out products that fit your car and only your car, making finding compatible parts and accessories completely foolproof.

“But won’t these parts be expensive?” We hear you ask. No way. Not only does eBay Marketplace offer incredibly competitive prices, but you can also pay using the buy it now, pay later service, Afterpay.

And, for a limited time, eBay will be running a promotion where you can spend and save up to $120 on auto parts and accessories items, using the code CRPNA. eBay’s deal goes live from 10 a.m. on November 4 for a limited time, so you’ll want to take advantage of it quickly. Minimum spend and terms and conditions apply.

To help provide an even clearer picture of the diverse range of parts and accessories you can pick up on eBay, we’ve picked out some of our favorites that are sure to enhance your summer expeditions.

Meguiars Gold Class Carnauba Wax: An easy-to-apply wax solution that will keep your car looking its best for longer, because even if you look tired when you get out of your car when you reach your campsite, at least your car will be sparkling.

Kings Portable Starter: No matter how badly you think it won’t happen to you, the possibility of your battery draining when you complete a gigantic road trip is all too real. And if you happen to be driving through Australia’s vast Outback, you’re unlikely to find another motorist to lend a hand. This is when the Kings Portable Jump Starter proves invaluable. With enough power to efficiently start powerful V8 petrol and diesel engines – meaning even Land Cruiser owners will benefit – you can drive as far as you want without ever having to worry about breaking down.

Prorack roof module: Offering a whopping 360 liters of extra space, the Prorack roof rack can either give you even more cargo space or allow you to carry all the essentials for your road trip. Or, if you’re short on space, it’ll open up the possibility of being able to venture further afield. An essential road trip if there ever was one.

Rhino Rack Canopy: Give yourself, family and friends some sweet shade to enjoy with this 2.5 meter Rhino Rack awning. Easy to attach to your vehicle (roof bars required), there’s no better way to add protection from the sun (or rain) when you’re on the go.

Kings Thumper Portable Air Compressor: Flat tires are an unfortunate part of the time, and it seems like every time you want to pull in a servo to inflate yours, someone else is always there to operate the machine. With this Thumper air compressor from specialist 4WD Kings, you are free to inflate wherever you can find a safe place, sufficiency guaranteed.

This is just a sample of what you can find on eBay, so head over to the car parts and accessories section, fill in your car details and get ready for summer.

Visit eBay’s sprawling auto parts and accessories marketplace here.


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