ORS America introduces a line of high-speed grinders, overhaul and repair services to the automotive and electronics industries


The company’s range of grinding technologies are recognized for their quality, accuracy and precision

ORS America is the premier manufacturer of advanced, high-precision, high-speed grinders and spindles, supplying reputable automotive factories and engineering companies worldwide since 1982. The company has established its reputation by building on on the core values ​​of quality, excellence and teamwork, along with decades of experience and knowledge in grinding technology to provide premium yet affordable products to its global customer base.

The renowned company has distinguished itself from other competitors by the outstanding features of its products. First of all, ORS America manufactures high frequency spindles which are recognized as the fastest in Korea. The company’s hybrid ceramic angular bearings from Germany are renowned for their high rigidity. Additionally, ORS America adheres to the Korean industry standard, using precision bearings on all available spindles and premium quality parts. The pins are also constructed with vibration prevention technology to maintain balance during use.

Additionally, ORS America ensures that all details of its products and accessories are listed on its website. The high frequency spindle model, power specifications, as well as normal ratings and dimensions are included, while the speed and model of the belt spindle models are highlighted to guide the customer on the most suitable spindle. suitable to buy. This detail has been an integral part of eliminating errors derived from erroneous measurements of accessories or unsuitable spindles.

In addition to the production and delivery of spindle technology, ORS America also relies on its team of professional and dedicated personnel to repair various types and brands of machines and spindles. The customer’s spindles or machine undergo a thorough visual inspection to determine the defect, followed by a teardown where each part is photographed and analyzed for repair or replacement. An estimate is immediately provided to the customer, after which work begins immediately. Some of the exceptional repair and overhaul services offered by ORS America include:

  • Accuracy test and function test before delivery
  • Static accuracy test (out-of-roundness check)
  • No load test (minimum 6 hours)
  • Functional test (checking noise level and vibration of bearings using German SCHENCK equipment)
  • Additional processing if a balancing operation is required
  • Test reports will be provided including all data and work history
  • Rustproof and airtight packaging for delivery

For corporate and industrial B2B buyers interested in purchasing all types of high precision, high speed grinding spindles, ORS America is well equipped to meet the needs of these buyers without breaking the bank.

For more information, please visit https://orsamerica.com/

About ORS America

ORS America is located in Ankara, Turkey and is the leading manufacturer and supplier of grinding spindles for European global automotive manufacturers. The company continues to lead the Korean market in providing affordable high-precision, high-speed grinding spindles.

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