New Zealand’s SL3 is the water e-bike you’ve been dreaming of


Have you ever dreamed of cycling through water? I mean, sure, jet skis do exist and are great fun, but they’re bulky and take quite a bit of effort to transport, not to mention store. Now what if you could have a more portable version of a personal watercraft, and an electric version on top of that. Well, the Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3 could be the vehicle for you.

As the name suggests, the Hydrofoiler SL3 is classified as a hydrofoil bike and operates very similarly to a pedal-assisted e-bike, except that it is ridden on water, not land. . Manta5 finds it incredibly easy to ride, thanks to its user-friendly engineering and accessible design. Plus, it’s easy to set up and take down, so you can carry it around in your car for the beach or water park.

Now just look at the pictures and watch the video, riding the SL3 sure looks exciting, but it also looks very intimidating. Manta5, however, claims that learning to ride the SL3 is as easy as riding a bike, and beginners can get up to speed with the SL3 and ride it proficiently in just 40 minutes. That’s largely thanks to the company’s exclusive “Easy Launch Technology” that automatically keeps the SL3 afloat while you ride it.

Its frame is made up of a monocoque chassis with Fixed Chord film, keeping the bike upright and afloat even when stationary. It has a trigger throttle that you use to speed up and 10 levels of assist based on your skill level. Powering this ocean-e-bike is a 2,500W electric motor allowing the machine to reach a top speed of 12.4 miles per hour. As for the battery, the base model packs a 600Wh battery, while the higher-end SL3+ and SL3 Pro models pack a larger 1000Wh power unit.

The SL3 hydrofoiler is the e-bike on the water you've been dreaming of

Keeping you informed is a large digital display that shows you throttle and assist level readings, battery status and range. Additionally, the SL3 is equipped with a tilt sensor that automatically cuts power to the propeller if it detects a tilt. As for pricing and availability, Manta5 has yet to reveal pricing for the Hydrofoiler SL3, however, it is rumored to retail for around $7,000-9,000. Expect the bike to be available in early 2023.


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