UBCO’s 2X2 electric adventure motorcycle redefines the riding and ownership experience


Now available in two colors, the brand’s 2X2 ADV bikes offer consumers a unique form of AWD personal mobility that’s light, quiet and easy to ride.

BEND, Ore., October 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UBCO, a global leader in electric adventure vehicles (EAVs), is redefining the utility and recreational vehicle experience. The 2X2 adventure motorcycle is the first vehicle that puts the driving experience at the center of its concerns, being the all-wheel drive (AWD), light, quiet and easy to drive. UBCO’s 2X2 platform leverages hardware, software and firmware to create a one-of-a-kind driving experience that’s easy to use on-road and off-road.

Now available in white and black, the 2X2 Adventure motorcycle is carefully crafted to provide a tougher, yet fun and easy-to-ride experience rare on the market. Unlike traditional motorcycles and dirt bikes, UBCO’s 2×2 Adventure motorcycles can be delivered to your door and are easy to maintain, while offering versatility and durability on and off the road. Rather than trying to replicate the upper parameters of internal combustion performance, UBCO motorcycles create a different kind of performance, balancing the unique characteristics of electric transportation, scooter accessibility, motorcycle street prowess and the tenacity of mountain bikes.

Equipped with a 1kW motor in each wheel, which works together to power any terrain, the all-wheel-drive bike has a lightweight design allowing for easy transport when attached to cars or trucks, with a weight of 155 lbs (more than three times lighter than the average motorcycle). Built to last, its 7027 aluminum alloy frame and 316 stainless steel components allow for a weather-resistant and durable product, while always adhering to UBCO’s iconic, minimalist design.

“There is no doubt that more people should be able to access everyday adventure. In addition to a top-notch experience for long-time adventurers, UBCOs are versatile and accessible to accommodate users who are new to motorized riding. “, declares Catherine SandfordCEO of UBCO. “UBCO simplifies the buying and ownership experience and provides a vehicle that is easy and fun to master.

“Micromobility is being tested, in part because of poorly designed hardware that isn’t built to last. Product lifecycle thinking guides UBCO’s development, from the design to simplifying maintenance for owners,” says Phil HarrisonChief Revenue Officer of UBCO. “This has helped us push the envelope with our new model having 30% longer battery cycle life, improved teardown design, 20% higher motor efficiency, stronger frame and more durable packaging. smaller and doing more with less is an important pillar of more sustainable consumption.”

Designed for the best of both worlds, UBCO’s versatile utility meets many different needs, encouraging riders to go electric, pack light and connect with their surroundings. The motorcycle’s strong alloy frame features 19 different mounting points offering a range of options for securely securing cargo, tools or equipment. Its rugged, all-terrain design is ready to power through city streets, muddy fields, or gravel, even providing a great companion for extended Overlanding, RVing, and camping adventures.

UBCO offers test rides for adventure seekers looking for a hands-on experience with an online reservation system connecting customers to the nearest dealership, office or upcoming event. The UBCO 2X2 Adventure motorcycle starts at $6,999 (tax exclusive) and can be purchased on the UBCO website or at any UBCO retailer. For more information about UBCO or to find a dealer nearest you, please visit ubco.com.

About UBCO

UBCO is an Electric Adventure Vehicle (EAV) brand focused on improving access to everyday adventure. Since its launch in 2015, UBCO has evolved into a digitally connected EAV platform comprising on-road and off-road vehicles, accessories and cloud-based subscription software. Founded in New ZealandUBCO is now present in international markets, including United StatesGreat Britain, Europe and Australia. Learn more about ubcobikes.com and discover the history of UBCO here.



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