Maruti WagonR parts named after Bollywood characters!


There is no end to people’s creativity on the internet and this is a perfect example.

In this video clip, a Maruti WagonR owner is seen naming parts of the car after Bollywood characters. It is an impressive demonstration of the creativity of Internet users. Also, it reinforces that India is a Bollywood-focused country. Hardly anything else could prove it except for this man who attributes the perfect Bollywood characters with their dialogues to completely normal looking parts of the car. Here are the details.

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A man names car parts from Bollywood characters

The music video was uploaded as YouTube Shorts. The innovative thinking of the owner of the Maruti WagonR (latest generation) is simply commendable. He starts by putting the photo of Madhuri Dixit with his hit song 1,2,3 (ek, do, teen) on the gear lever which also has the number 1,2,3… Then he puts the photo of Paresh Rawal saying ‘utha le re baba’ from the hit comedy film franchise ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ on car handbrake which needs to be lifted after parking.

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Then there’s the Ritviz song with lyrics mentioning ‘Air’ with a small photo from the film Chennai Express starring SRK and Deepika Padukone stuck on the dashboard right next to the car’s AC. Afterwards, it is seen showing the image of legendary actor Nana Patekar right next to the accelerator pedal with the dialogue ‘Control’. The message behind this is unequivocal: we must not overspeed and always drive within the speed limit to have maximum control.

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Referring to childhood memories of many millennia, the man places Shaktimaan’s image on the steering wheel and then spins it like the real Shaktimaan used in the show. On top of that, he puts the image of Hrithik Roshan from the movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, Tiger Shroff on the rear wiper and Manoj Bajpayee on the ignition switch asking for the key. We must admit that it is particularly creative and impressive how the man is able to identify with all these characters. What do you think of that?

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Maruti WagonR parts named after Bollywood characters

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