Detroit extends monitoring of recycling facilities


Detroit Mayor Michael E. Duggan has extended a moratorium on establishing or expanding “waste tire dumps, processing and recycling facilities” in that city until the end of 2022. moratorium came into effect on April 1, 2019.

A negative view of recycling facilities has evolved with the “environmental justice” movement in recent years, with shredding and processing operations seen by residents and outside groups as detrimental to air quality in neighborhoods hosting recycling facilities.

According to Duggan’s office, subsequent executive orders extended the moratorium imposed by the original executive order until August 30, 2022 and added to its scope the sale and service of used tires and towing service tank yards. .

Under Chapter 50 of the 2019 City of Detroit Code, the term “dump” includes “scrap dealers, scrap and metal processors, and automobile dismantling and wrecking yards.”

The Mayor’s Office says, “Regulating and enforcing these businesses has been a challenge for the City of Detroit due to an over-concentration of these uses and lack of compliance with zoning, property maintenance and licensing, in addition to evidence of criminal activity aided or condoned by some of these operations.

Last year, the Washington-based Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) released an updated position on environmental justice that supports, in part, “contributing positively to the communities in which members operate, including opportunity to be heard”.

In Detroit, the mayor’s office says in its latest executive order: “Even though authorized, some of these businesses have illegally escalated the services offered, such as presenting more used cars for sale than authorized or expanding a business on neighboring property without permission.”

The City of Detroit says it is working on revisions to its laws that “will include legislative corrections and new regulations to limit over-concentration, increase compliance with maintenance, zoning and licensing standards, reduce crime, eradicate visual scourge and reduce illegal business operations.

In the meantime, says the mayor, “No municipal department can accept an application for a new permit, license or appeal a denied application to establish or expand a scrapyard, scrap tire processing and recycling facility, storage of used tires, minor or major. motor vehicle repair, used car sales yard, used tire sales and service or a towing service storage yard to give the city an ongoing opportunity to execute on its strategy compliance with newly available resources and to review draft wording, hold required public hearings and adopt improved regulations for such land uses in the city.

The full text of the decree can be viewed on this webpage.


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