Everyone on the hydrogen car? It’s closer than you think


Everyone on the hydrogen car? It’s closer than you think.

The Netherlands, country of hydrogen. Yes, you read that right. These entrepreneurs (and also a professor) really believe that the Netherlands should have hydrogen. As a sustainable alternative to fossil energy and also to earn money with it. And that’s how they’re going to do it.

In more than 50 million tweets and Facebook posts around the world, Stefan Holthausen’s Hesla has been applauded. Uh… A Hesla? A Tesla – such a nice electric car – but then converted, so it runs on hydrogen.

Even more durable and the car could suddenly drive twice three times as far without having to use the charger. An idea from his nephew Max. Holthausen: “Max said to me: I don’t think people understand the enormous potential of hydrogen. We have to show them. It was not easy: a Tesla is full of complex software.

But Max Holthausen – engineer and car geek – did it. “We now have a wonderful showcase of the potential of hydrogen.”

Logically, this hydrogen car

The fact that the Hesla came from Holthausen seems quite remarkable at first glance. His company has been selling gas from Hoogezand to Groningen for almost 75 years. But this sector has been under pressure for some time. In order not to endanger the survival of the family business, Holthausen had to think of something else.

Not necessarily for now, but for the future. It became hydrogen.

Stefan Holthausen:

In addition, we have been selling so-called gray hydrogen for fifty years, but only to industry.

“So we started to think: what if we could disrupt the entire mobility sector with sustainable hydrogen? This is how the Clean Technology and Clean Energy Solutions subsidiaries were born.

Holthausen – and for that matter everyone working on hydrogen – encountered a problem in his great enthusiasm, a classic “chicken and egg situation”: for automakers to produce vehicles running on hydrogen is not yet attractive, as there are no filling stations. And for gas station operators, the same problem applies: there are no hydrogen cars.

” And what are you doing ? says Holthausen happily. “So you’re going to convert the cars yourself. And create the demand yourself. Die Hesla was a nice trip, but we think the real market is for company cars of all shapes and sizes.

The conversion is relatively simple, says Holthausen. Hup, diesel blocking, electric motor and hydrogen system. Mind you, relatively, as this is a very labor intensive process. His business has grown significantly in recent times and can now convert around five hundred vehicles a year.

“Hundreds of municipalities, from San Francisco to Rome, have already contacted us for hydrogen-powered street sweepers. But it’s too fast for us, we now mainly work for Dutch municipalities. Groningen, for example, already bought a garbage truck and a sweeper from Holthausen last year.

For the fleet of the municipality of Groningen, Holthausen produces green hydrogen itself with the power of around 44,000 solar panels. “

Hydrogen cars are slowly coming to our country, but the real leap is yet to come. We break everything together: because demand is still so limited, everything is expensive. Fuel cells are expensive, gas stations are expensive. This still hinders the real jump.

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