Spectators are stunned as they watch this Russian man driving a goofy, translucent Mercedes G-Wagen tribute car sculpted from 6 tons of blocks of ice.


Over the years we have come across many replica cars built by very talented craftsmen as homages to some of the most popular automotive creations. While most of them are made from ordinary sheet metal, we even saw a Vietnamese carpenter using wood to make beautiful scale replicas. However, this homage to the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is perhaps the wackiest of them all; after all, his square body was chiseled out of nothing but blocks of ice. Crazy, right? The Ice G-Wagon was built a few years ago by a Russian enthusiast named Vladislac Barashenko who owns a custom car shop called Garage 54. He also runs a YouTube of the same name where he posts videos of his over-the-top car projects. . . Barashenko recently released a new Ice G-Wagon project build video that compresses the entire build process into a 15-minute clip.

Via Youtube / @Ice Tribute to the G-wagon

To build the G-Wagon replica, the folks at Garage 54 used the rolling chassis and undercarriage of a UAZ-469 – a high-performance all-terrain vehicle from the Soviet era. The video begins with the SUV’s boxy body being disassembled, followed by the welding of a frame around the chassis to hold the ice blocks in place. The project then moves on to the most crucial part of the construction process where the modified chassis is rolled outside the garage where a total of 10 tons of ice blocks await it. Since the garage is located in the Russian city of Novosibirsk, where temperatures rarely exceed 10 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter months, there is no shortage of ice.

Via Youtube / @Ice Tribute to the G-wagon

The ice blocks are cut into small pieces using a chainsaw and mounted one by one on the frame. Each piece is carefully smoothed so that they adhere to each other, while water is injected between the seams to make the blocks adhere. A real Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is also parked nearby so the craftsman can use it as a reference to chisel the ice blocks to perfection.


Obviously this is a time consuming process and one small mistake can potentially undo all the hard work. After several days of painstaking work, the G-Wagon glass is finally taking shape, even capturing some really intricate details like the iconic grille and fender marker lights. Finally, strips of color-changing LED lights are attached to the Ice G-Wagon’s translucent body while outfitting it with real G-Class wheels. The result is quite stunning. Unfortunately, the video ends with a message saying that the Ice G-Wagen melted down in April 2018.

Via Youtube / @Ice Tribute to the G-wagon

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